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Spanish Courses in Uruguay

For those planning to learn another language, one of the best options to consider is taking Spanish courses in Uruguay. This small but very diverse country in South America has much to offer visitors and students alike. Uruguay is located between Brazil, Argentina and the Atlantic Ocean and is home to approximately three million people, over half that live in the capital city of Montevideo.

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Unlike some of the other South American countries, Uruguay is relatively flat, with gently rolling hills, which makes it an ideal area for hikers, horseback riding, and trekking. The smaller cities and towns outside of Montevideo make wonderful weekend retreats where authentic beef dishes and traditional foods are served in rustic restaurants and open-air cafes. A must-try item is the food that the country is most famous for, the slow cooked beef barbecue traditionally known as asado.

The city of Montevideo is modeled after many of the larger European cities and is an excellent place to practice what was learned in the Spanish courses. In Uruguay, as in most South American countries, there are many European languages used, but Spanish and English are the most common in the larger cities. Montevideo, located right on the coastline, is home to some of the most wonderful beaches and opportunities for sports fishing, wind surfing, sailing and just exploring the coastline. The modern city, located so close to the ocean, makes it an ideal holiday spot, and provides students the opportunity to spend time at the beach even after classes in the evening or on the weekend. 

There are many different cultural activities, sporting events and historical sites to explore within Montevideo and Uruguay. Many of the Spanish courses in Uruguay will include trips to the historical sites and cultural activities as part of their studies. The Parque Nacional Santa Teresa is a popular tourist destination to camp, relax on the less crowded beaches and tour the historic fortress contained within the park. The Punta del Diablo, Isla de Lobos and Gorriti Island make wonderful day trips with an opportunity to see some of the differences in this wonderful South American country.


Spanish Language Courses in Uruguay

To choose from among the very best Spanish courses in Uruguay the one that best suits your particular needs, just select the city or town you prefer to study in: