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Learn Spanish in Peru

When people think of Peru they often think of coffee, mountains, lush rainforests and small villages. People should also be considering the option to learn Spanish in Peru. As the third largest country in South America, Peru has lots to offer the visitor, guest and student. Peru has a rich colonial Spanish heritage as well as a strong affinity with the peoples that originally settled the area centuries before the Spanish arrived.

Peru is a mixture of old and new traditions. It is possible to tour the capital of the Inca civilization, Cuzco, visit the remains of the city of Machu Picchu, and even see the palacios and government buildings built by the Spanish hundreds of years ago. Lima, the capital city of Peru, is an industrial metropolis and as ultra-modern and busy as any city in North America or Europe. This vast difference between the old and new makes visiting or taking time to learn Spanish in Peru a memorable trip.

While you're taking the time to learn Spanish in Peru, there are also many volcanoes that can be toured, one of the most famous in El Misti, located just outside the city of Arequipa. This city, also known as the "White City", is so named because the houses and buildings are actually built out of a white colored volcanic rock called sillar. The Colca Canyon, considered to be one of the deepest in the world is an easy day outing from Arequipa.

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Spending a few days in Lima is a must for those trying to learn Spanish in Peru. The friendly people, wonderful dining and entertainment and many museums and other attractions will keep you busy and entertained. International style hotels and restaurants are available as are smaller, more traditional style accommodations. It is also possible to spend some time on the beach resting and relaxing. Many people choose to rent a boat and travel the coastline or do some sports fishing. If you have the chance, take the option to learn Spanish in Peru, you won't be disappointed.


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