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Spanish Schools in Guatemala

One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture and the language. The Spanish schools in Guatemala help you do just that - they allow students to not only learn a language but also learn about the people and culture of the area.

If you choose one of the Spanish schools in Guatemala, you'll be in the most northerly of the Central American countries. Its northern and western borders are with Mexico, and Belize, Honduras and El Salvador are on the eastern side. The Pacific and the Caribbean Oceans border the other side of the country. There are three different climatic areas in Guatemala. The cooler and more moderate temperature in the highlands makes it the most populated area, whereas the northern lowlands are very sparsely populated. The costal area is more geared towards tourism and travel.

While in Guatemala City why not visit the Mercado Central, a wonderful place to practice the language taught at the Spanish schools in Guatemala? This huge bazaar and market is a shopping lover's dream. Local merchants sell arts and crafts, fresh produce, jewelry, clothing and just about anything else you could imagine.

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The city also has several museums and attractions such as the Palacio Nacional, the former household of the president. Artwork and wonderful architecture can be seen in the area in and around the Palacio. The Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena features authentic Mayan artifacts and also offers courses in weaving and other traditional crafts of the area. Students at the Spanish schools in Guatemala often attend demonstrations in this museum for cultural information. The National Museum of Modern Art features art pieces from around the world and has constantly changing displays. There are many more historical and modern museums and attractions located around the country.

The Spanish schools in Guatemala are a wonderful choice for those individuals that want to experience this varied country. Hiking, horseback riding, boating and relaxing on the beautiful beaches are all pastimes that are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. The people of Guatemala are friendly and helpful and enjoy conversations and sharing information about their country and culture. Plan to study and visit Guatemala for a truly remarkable learning experience.


Spanish Language Schools in Guatemala

To choose from among the very best Spanish schools in Guatemala the one that best suits your particular needs, just select the city or town you prefer to study in: