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Learn Spanish in Argentina


One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture. Attending one of the many Spanish schools in Argentina is a wonderful way to do just that. The many attractions, events, historical and cultural activities that occur in Argentina make the eighth largest country in the world a wonderful place to study Spanish.

There are several major cities in Argentina - many of them with Spanish schools - with the capital being Buenos Aires. This city is very European in style and there is a definite influence of Spanish cultures. Operas, theatre and art galleries are all to be found throughout the city, lending a true cultural experience to attending a Spanish school in Argentina. Of course Buenos Aires and Argentina are the home of the tango, so dance is a major cultural event throughout the country. The other cities in Argentina all have their own unique attractions and events including museums, archeological sites and historical monuments.

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The hotels and restaurants throughout Argentina are world famous for their cuisine and customer service and care - so after your Spanish school make sure you try as many as you can! The beef in Argentina is reportedly the best in the world and the area takes pride in the many steakhouses or asados, the traditional style of bar-b-que in Argentina, as well as the seafood from the ocean and fresh vegetables produced on the rich farmlands. The vineyards offer a great wine tasting experience and the vast landscape changes constantly as you travel through the country.

One of the greatest advantages of Spanish schools in Argentina is that they're never far away from wonderful scenery. There are so many different types of countryside to be seen in Argentina, ranging from high altitude mountains to beaches and then across dry prairies and rich farms. And who could forget two of the most wonderful sights in the world - the Iguazu Falls and Perito Moreno glaciar. The local people are very friendly and willing to talk about their lives and their culture. Most of the small towns have small hotels and restaurants, so, wherever your school happens to be, it's possible to take weekend trips to experience all the different aspects of the country.

Attending a Spanish school in Argentina is the chance of a lifetime to learn not only the language but also about the rich cultural heritage of the country.


Spanish Language Schools in Argentina

To choose from among the very best Spanish schools in Argentina the one that best suits your particular needs, just select the city or town you prefer to study in:
Buenos Aires