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Spanish courses Heredia (San Joaquin de Flores)

Spanish courses Heredia (San Joaquin de Flores)

For full information, including prices and dates, please visit the website of our recommended Spanish school in Heredia.

Heredia is both a province in Costa Rica and the name of the capital town of the province. Anyone taking Spanish courses in Heredia has a wonderful opportunity to both learn the language and experience the beauty and diversity of the area. Heredia is located in the coffee growing area of Costa Rica, and has amazing fields of coffee plants right beside lush forests and even volcanic parks and reserves. The countryside is mountainous with many rushing rivers, immense waterfalls and tropical forests. For those that love the outdoors, following a Spanish course in Heredia allows time to explore and enjoy the outdoors while on a break from studies.

The town of Heredia, just 15 minutes by bus from San Joaquín de Flores, is located near the extinct Barva Volcano and is known as the “City of Flowers”, both for the wild variety that grow around the town and for the beautifully landscaped gardens found within. Hotels and restaurants have outdoor patios, terraces and walkways surrounded by the colorful flowers - a wonderful escape after finishing your Spanish course for the day. The Casa de la Cultura is home to displays of native and national artists and features both historic and modern art. Historical architecture can be seen in the Inmaculada Concepción, a church built in 1796 that is the center of the Central Park area of downtown. Outdoor cafes, restaurants and shopping make this a great place to spend the day.

Some time during their Spanish courses in Heredia, students can take a trip to the Monte de la Cruz, the highest point around Heredia, to see the capital from above, allowing them to look over the city and the surrounding area. There are several day trips to coffee plantations as well as through the parks and gardens. Just a short 10-mile trip to San Jose makes Heredia a relaxing and quiet place to stay while still close to the excitement and entertainment of the Costa Rican capital city - a great combination for anyone looking to take Spanish courses in Costa Rica.

Even so, Heredia has its entertainment as well. There are clubs, fine dining, dancing and theatres available right in the capital. While you're following your Spanish course in Heredia the school will offer trips into the community and the surrounding areas as part of the cultural component. The people in Heredia are very friendly and welcoming and are willing to spend time helping visitors learn about the language and the culture.

To find out exactly what our recommended school in Heredia (San Joaquin de Flores) has to offer, just visit the following page:
Spanish courses Heredia.