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Spanish courses Cadiz

Spanish courses Cadiz

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If you're looking for history with your Spanish courses, Cadiz may be just the place you need. Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in the country and is home to the Spanish Navy, which provides a wonderful opportunity to see the many different boats and ships in use. In addition the white, sandy beaches, surrounded by the old stone walls that were first erected to protect this port city, make a dramatic landscape and add a touch of history to the area. Fishing, sailing, swimming and just relaxing on the beach give visitors to the area lots to do and see. The Playa de la Victoria, 3 kilometers long, is the most popular of the tourist beaches and is located right beside the city, right next to many different restaurants and shops.

If you're wondering exactly where you'll be taking your Spanish courses, Cadiz is actually located at the end of the peninsula that enters the Bay of Cadiz. The city is surrounded by water on one end, and has many lovely historical buildings that are well preserved and still used today. The older part of the city, or the Casco Antiguo, is full of narrow, winding streets that all connect to large central plazas. There are many different traditional neighborhoods, all which make great places to sit, relax and practice what has been taught in your Spanish classes. Cadiz Cathedral, Tavira Tower, the Fortress of Candelaria and the Pylons of Cadiz are all worth a visit and will give you the opportunity to see both the historical and modern aspects of the city.

No time for boredom

And if you get tired of monumentnd sights during your Spanish courses in Cadiz, there are always the more modern parts of the city that are great for shopping and enjoying many of the fine dining and entertainment spots. For those who like to eat well, you can sample the amazing array of food from the sea, as well as all the wonderful traditional dishes of Spain.

During the annual Carnival of Cadiz there are thousands of visitors to the area that enjoy musical performances by chirigotas, or wandering groups of musicians. The carnival events occur all year round, with many different open-air impromptu and planned practices and rehearsals. The friendly people of the area give ample opportunity for you to speak Spanish. Spanish courses in Cadiz that focus on language are also designed to allow the learner opportunities to interact with native speakers and see all the sights in this wonderful city.

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